Gift Idea #41 – Gift Basket

idea numbers41We all know all about gift baskets but this one has a little twist. The theme is an ancestor or a family story. To start pick your focus. Then think of things to go in the basket that will help tell about your focus. Photos would be great. Maybe some object about the person or the story. Write up something about your focus. If you happen to have a book about the subject this would be a fun way to give it to your family. If you are lucky enough to have a video that would be great to include. Something to eat would be a must. If there is food involved in the story, that would be perfect. Or if the person has any favorite foods include those. You could add a few things just to make the basket look pretty too. The idea is to fill the basket with things that can create an environment that will help the story or person feel real.




4 thoughts on “Gift Idea #41 – Gift Basket

  1. I have done this type of thing…I put in a basket all the items one would need to do a scrapbook or photo album and then add the photo paper or ink for thier computer so they can create thier own – this is a wonderful gift for a new mom/grandparent or newly retired person. I give it as the gift more than once now and it always goes over so well.

    We even did this with the book that you helped create from the photos we showed at dad’s funeral. It made a wonderful present for the immediate family and gave them a way to heal at the same time.

  2. Great ideas Sue! What perfect situations to help someone in telling their own stories.
    And I really love what you did with your dad’s book. What a thoughtful way to help your family grieve and remember your dad.

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