Gift Idea #40 – Memory Wreaths

idea numbers40There are lots of other ways to put together a wreath than the one featured in Gift Idea #39. These are not so much geared to Christmas decoration but to share stories and memories about your family year round. There are lots of options for this project ranging from elegant to modern to shabby chic. Below are example using everything from clothes pins to canvas to lots of tiny picture frames.

The focus of your wreath could be vintage photos to photos you took last week. It could include just one person or grandparents or an entire family. Think of a story you would like to tell using photos and/or objects and gather what you have to work with and see where your creativity takes you. The examples below are just a jumping off point for your personal project.

Heirloom Wreath

Burlap and Canvas Family Heirloom Wreath

Canvas Collage Wreath

Canvas Collage Wreath

Family Tree Wreath

Family Tree Wreath

Picture Frame Memory Wreath

Picture Frame Memory Wreath

Clothespins Memory Wreath

Family Tree

This idea could be adapted to a wreath but I like it just the way it is too.


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