50 for 50 #44 – Dark Shadows

One of my memories from my childhood when we lived in Ogden is watching Dark Shadows and eating chocolate frosting. It sounds a little crazy but me and my sister used to make frosting by taking Nestle’s Quick, some butter and a bit of milk and mix it up. It looked like frosty and it tasted yummy to my six-year-old sweet tooth. My mom was one to buy much in the way of candy but we usually hot chocolate milk mix, ice cream and graham crackers. I don’t know why we didn’t put our frosting on the graham crackers but I don’t remember it that way.

Anyway, for this weeks celebration of my 50th birthday I decided to get some of the old episodes of Dark Shadow’s from my childhood and eat chocolate frosting while eating some chocolate frosting. I checked out “Fan Favorites” and “The Best of Barnabas” Dark Shadows – The greatest Episodes Collections from our local library. But then Bill came home with the new Dark Shadows for Red Box, so we watched that. I should mention here that I’m not much of a fan of Johnny Depp or of Tim Burton so it wasn’t much of a surprise that I didn’t much like their version of Dark Shadows. It was interesting in some ways to see a modern interpretation of the story but one watching is enough for me. I definitely prefer the original even with its own short comings. It was a fun trip down memory lane though.


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