50 for 50 #43 – Utah Lake

This week a took a walk along Utah Lake to celebrate my 50th year. It reminded me of our pet dog Shadow and the many hours the two of us spent walking along the road that runs between the Lake the airport. For many years Utah Lake was our most common place to go for a walk. Most of the year we would walk the dirt road together, but in the cold winter, Shadow would trot along the road while I drove really slow in the warmth of the car.

It was here that Shadow took his first swim. He thought the reeds pushed up along the edge of the water were solid and he walked out on them. Of course they couldn’t hold his weight and he fell through to the water. It was here that we came to feel nature and expend his excess energy. It was here that we came late one summer when the lake was really low. The water was so far from the road that there was a huge expanse of sand. Bill was with us that day. The three of us walked for what seemed forever along the sand and out into the shallow water. It was one of those perfect kind of days that stick in your memory.

The fall is a lovely time to come to the lake. The trees looked so beautiful as I pulled off the main road. And I love the coppery color of the reeds in the fall colors. I felt close to Shadow today as a took a few minutes to come back to this favorite spot from my past and think about the future.



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