Waffle Book – Wacky

Waffle can be one wacky pooch. She enjoys life to the fullest in everything she does. When she is sleeping she sleeps with complete relaxation. When she is awake she give it all she’s got. Her under-bite gives her face a unique look. Usually it is a very cute face but sometimes when she is laying on her back it gives her a kind of crazy look.

She loves to run around doing labby loops and it sounds like thunder. She likes to leap down the last four or five stairs. Yet sometimes she doesn’t want to jump out of the car or step off the curb. We love our wacky Waffle.


2 thoughts on “Waffle Book – Wacky

  1. Waffle sounds like such a fun life partner…she will certianly keep her owner in stitches. A good trait for the stressfilled days ahead.

    • She is a fun girl. Bill had a special connection to her while she was with us. It has been fun to look through her book again and reminisce about her. We are still hoping and praying for direct contact with her handler.

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