50 for 50 #36 – Jordan River Trail


Zodiac waiting to get out of the car

Today we took a walk along the Jordan River. This trail is one of my favorite places. I use to take our pet dog, Shadow there all the time. I even learned to roller blade on that trail a few years ago. I don’t get down there much lately. Since Apex, none of our puppies have had so much energy that a neighborhood walk can’t take care of it. The weather was beautiful this morning and there were lots of runners and bikers on the trail too. I prefer to go during the week when it isn’t so crowded. I’ve walked that trail in all kinds of weather from hot summer days to stormy ones with snow and cold wind. It is a little slice of nature running down the middle of the Salt Lake Valley.

Bill holding Zodiac and Yakira on the retractable leashes ready to hit the trail

When we lived in Provo, Shadow and I often frequented the Provo River trail. It is an awesome trail too. I think I should make more of an effort to get out into nature more. In the past it always helped me deal with the stresses of life. Even though I have a lot of things on my plate these days maybe taking time out to be in nature once a week or even every couple of weeks might rejuvenate me and help me to handle my to do list better. I’ll have to give this some thought. Do you have favorite places that you haven’t been to in a while?

Yakira enjoying the Jordan River Trail



2 thoughts on “50 for 50 #36 – Jordan River Trail

  1. Little did you know then, but Apex would need all that energy to keep up with me. I have enjoyed the fact that with him I am able to travel independently once again.

    We have 4 more trips planned before the Christmas rush hits and then we have several already planned for 2013 and several still in the pipeline for 2013.

    We just came back from the cabin on Labor day and next weekend we are going to Daytona Beach to celebrate mom & Chuckie’s birthdays (1 day and a few years apart) and then in October to OctoberFest (German celebration), on to Colonial Williamsburg in mid-November, then a house full for Thanksgiving, off to the Carribean in early December and then the rush here at the office as we head into the home stretch for Christmas Eve Services and Christmas Sunday. Mid- January will see us going (maybe) out to see you and do some skiing, then home for the month of February and in March I am looking at going to visit my best friend in Texas, then to Seattle in late April and Alaska in May…

    Plus to work everyday – or most days that I am not traveling…Thank goodness for long weekends huh?

    Sue & Guide Apex

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