50 for 50 #34 – Humane Society


About 16 years ago we adopted a lab mix from the Humane Society of Utah. They said his name was Kiwi but he didn’t seem to know that name so we picked a new one, Shadow. He took to that name right away. Shadow was a part of our family until 2007 when he got cancer.

So this week, to celebrate my 50th year, I drove back to the Humane Society in honor of Shadow and the start to our involvement with dogs. The place has changed in some ways and is the same in others. They’ve added on to the building with a vet clinic and a really nice place for the cats waiting for adoption called Kitty City. It is such a contrast to the space they have for dogs. The dog area hasn’t changed other than they have put some elevated dog beds in each the kennels. It was a very sad place to visit. The poor dogs with no family to love them. I’m sure that most of them would make wonderful pets with the right love and training. But there they are abandoned to their fates.

Humane Society of Utah

When I drove up I saw a man taking a large white and black dog in. The poor pup had no leash and the man was tall enough that the dogs front legs where off the ground. It was such a sad sight. If that is the way he treats dogs, than that dog is probably better off at the Humane Society. Such a contrast to the loving treatment that all the puppies that are part of the Guide Dogs for the Blind family. They come to us with no baggage. They really think the whole world loves them because they have such a sheltered life. No mater what their future brings there will be someone there to make sure they have a safe and loving home. This is one of the things that I love about Guide Dogs for the Blind, they truly love each one of these puppies.


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