50 for 50 #30 – Popsicles

Meadow Gold Twin Pops

I’ve loved Popsicles for as long as a can remember so they are another perfect way to celebrate my 50th year. I love all kinds and shapes and colors but the classic “twin pop” is the one with the most memories. I don’t know how many times I’ve bought a bag of twin pops and eaten all of them in just a day or two. One particular summer comes to mind that I ate lots and lots of Popsicles. Bill was doing an internship at INEL in Idaho and staying with my parents. So after work, all alone in our hot apartment I would eat Popsicles one after another, after another. The apartment was littered with wrappers and Popsicle sticks.

me enjoying a rootbeer twin pop

As a child I made Popsicles in ice-cube trays with toothpicks for sticks. I made them with Wylers or Flavor-aid. Koolaid was more expensive so I rarely used that. I mixed them up using less water than for a drink so the Popsicles had more flavor. I actually put up a sign on the door and sold Popsicles to my neighbors. My mom was very good at teaching me about profit. I paid her for the supplies out of my sales.

As an adult I’ve made Popsicles in small paper cups out of everything from fruit juice to homemade yogurt with fruit for added flavor. If I didn’t have enough Popsicle sticks I would use plastic spoons or even forks. They work surprisingly well. I think there is nothing better on a hot day than an ice cold Popsicle! Unless it is three or four Popsicles!


4 thoughts on “50 for 50 #30 – Popsicles

  1. I too love the rootbeer flavored ones. Creamcicles are also great. I now eat the sugar free versions but as a kid we too had the koolaide versions. Mandy taught Apex to like them also so we often “share” one after work and maybe another one while cooling off after playing out side. It is a great way to celebrate summer!

  2. I was thinking as I was finishing off the bag of popsicles today (the power went out so we had to eat them all before they melted) how much our two puppies would enjoy eating popsicles. They both love ice cubes, so I’m sure some flavor would put them in heaven. But with the rules of puppy raising they didn’t get to try them. I’m so glad that Apex has some perks like sharing popsicles with you!

  3. With the heat of the summer, my vet actually has me freezing low sodium chicken broth/stock in ice cube trays and offering that to him if we have to so any walking in the heat. He loves the “treat” and he stays better hydrated not to mention I do not have to clean up a puddle (regular ice cubes often leave one) when he is finished. Our boys are definately related ! In his Kong, I also freeze greek yogurt or chicken stock or apples — he always loves to see his kong and since my freezer is below my fridge – he like to stick his head in and retrieve it…Chuckie and dad taught him that one.

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