50 for 50 #27 – Hollyhock Dolls

My Grandmother’s Hollyhocks

My grandmother had a big patch of hollyhocks behind her house and as a child I remember making hollyhock dolls. Even today when I see hollyhocks I think of my grandmother. My sister has a few hollyhocks in her yards so this week I decided it was time to make a hollyhock doll. When I went to do it I wasn’t sure that I remember how but I did it anyway, thought I don’t think it was the way I did it as a child. I found this video on how to make hollyhock dolls.

my version of a hollyhock doll

Here is how I did it. I used straight pins to hold it together and my sister suggested a couple for eyes so I did that too. It brought back memories of my childhood.  I One of these years I’m going to plant some hollyhocks in my yard too.


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