50 for 50 #15 – Passover

my attempt at seder

Last night I tried to put together a Seder meal for Passover. I did some research on the internet and checked out a book and video from the library. It was overwhelming trying to understand all the parts and pieces of the Passover. There are two reasons I decided to do this for my 50 for 50 this week. First when we lived in Seattle there were a couple of Jewish girls that I remember. Second I wanted to learn more about the passover and how the Jews commemorate this time.

The book I got from the library, “Telling the Story: a Passover Haggadah Explained” seemed very long so when I came across a simplified and modified version of the Seder meal I decided to follow it. It was much easier to make sure I had everything in place that it was much shorter. But I think that I will take the time over the next few days to go ahead and read the book. It will be interesting to compare them. From my research on the internet I used celery instead of parsley. I don’t much like eating parsley on its own. I made the matzah and Charoset from scratch with recipes I found on Allrecipes.com.

I didn’t enjoy the video I got from the library”Chanukah & Passover at Bubbe’s“. It was definitely designed for kids but I expected to like it anyway. When I looked at the reviews on Amazon most people think it is great. Only one reviewer agreed with me.

In retrospect I would recommend finding someone who knows what they are doing and join them for the Passover instead of trying to do it yourself. Still I’m glad I did it. It was interesting and educational. If I every get an opportunity to attend Passover I will certainly take it. Have you ever participated in Passover Seder? I’d love to hear about your experience.


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