On to phase 4

Casey in a gold Christmas bow (photo by Lisa Thompson)

After staying in phase 3 last week I was relieved to see that Casey has moved on to phase 4! Keep it up girl! Here is an outline of what Casey is learning in phase 4:
Phase 4: Intelligent Disobedience
Formal Harness Training

  • Working past challenging animal and food distractions continues.
  • NEW! After preliminary testing, more extensive work inside buildings begins.
  • Notable Accomplishment – Traffic Conditioning (Exposure)

Body Handling Acceptance

  • Continues as in Phase 3. . NEW! New handlers are added to assess the dog’s comfort and willingness with strangers.

Physical Agility Programs

  • Obstacle Course Progression – Intelligent Disobedience Training Begins
  • NEW! Some clearances now require a stop. 
  • NEW! Addressing errors is now introduced for basic clearance work.
  • NEW! An overhead clearance is any obstacle that is above the dog’s head. 


  • Extra socialization assignments are done with individual dogs as needed. CWTs focus on additional relaxation sessions for all dogs as training progresses. These sessions could include one or several of the following activities: community run time, kennel enrichment programs, grooming, individual play sessions, office time at staff desks, and relaxing campus walks.


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