Bad Bitie Day

Yakira with mini black Goughnut

Today Yakira and I had a bad day. I guess the stuff we have done so far this week just haven’t been enough to drain out her energy. Monday we had puppy class at the Murray Library and stopped at Costco. Tuesday we went to the vet for her shots and did a 15 minute walk. This morning she woke up ready to go and wanted me to do something about it. She nipped at my leg and ripped a hole in my jeans. We went on a 30 minute walk and that helped but it just wasn’t enough. I’ve never had a puppy that used their mouth the way she does. I hope that we can figure out how to help her with this. Yakira is a very smart puppy and somehow I’m not sending her the right kind of messages about this biting thing. One thing I’ve got to do is to make sure she gets enough socializing and exercise everyday so that she isn’t bored and looking for trouble.


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