Casey’s Two New Adventures

Today Casey went to the vet to get her 12 week old vaccinations. She did good though she cried when the needle went in. We were pretty sure that she had an ear infection and that was confirmed. Casey now has medicine to clear it up. She weighed in at 19.8 lbs.
Banta spent the day at work with Bill. He has been spending most of his time in the lab lately and she tends to get cold. Maybe we need to get another dog bed just for work. So she can snuggle into it instead of laying on the hard lab floor. Bill has a sweater that he lays down for her and that helps.
Tonight was our annual swimming party for puppy class. I thought that Banta would do pretty well and wasn’t at all sure that Casey would even get in the water. Boy was I wrong. I think Casey was the first puppy in the water. I was so proud of her. There was no sign of a the shy side of Casey. She did great and enjoyed it very much. Banta never quite got the hang of it and spent most of her time socializing. We had lots of dogs, from a couple of pet dogs & career change dogs to a working guide dog and 8 puppies in training. Everyone has so much fun. Both the girls are now very tired and sleeping soundly now.

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