Gift Idea #20 – Family Traditions Book

idea numbers20

How about putting together a book about your favorite family traditions. If you already have photos that you have taken while doing your traditions then use them. If you don’t have old photos you could take photos this year and match them up with stories and memories from the past. Or you can use photos that were taken around the time of the specific memories about your traditions.

A good way to start a project like this would be to get a binder and a bunch of sheet protectors. Then you can gather photos and memories and organize them in the binder. Have other family members help by sharing their memories of the past.

I think I should put together a book about our annual trip to the mountains to cut down our Christmas tree. I did several scrapbook pages over the years but something that shows the history and favorite memories from certain years would be lots of fun.

This idea could be done in coordination with Gift Idea #19. You could do a book about the history of the tradition and then add to the book as you restart and carry on the old family tradition.

Gift Idea #19 – Restart an Old Family Tradition

idea numbers19Family traditions are a great way of connecting us together in our current family and to those of past generations. Is there an old tradition that you or another family member remembers from the past that could be reintroduced today? One way would be to have a family brainstorming session and come up with a list of traditions that have been lost for one reason or another. Then vote on which tradition you would like to start doing again. It may be that the old tradition needs to be adjusted for today’s circumstances but if it has its roots in the past will help connect your family today with your family of the past.


Bringing Home the Tree

My family has a tradition of cutting down our own Christmas tree. For the last several years we have gone out the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We had more snow than we have had for several years so the going was a bit tough. Casey totally loved it but it was too deep for Langley to handle for very long. He played with my nephews and their cousins and had a grand time. After cutting down our trees we have a “tail-gate” party with hot baked potatoes with all the fixings including chili, hot chocolate, hot cider and lots of other treats. The pups got a bit cold so they snuggled in the car while we snacked. I forgot to take my camera with me up the mountain so the photos are very slim, but we all had a grand time kicking off the Christmas season.


We gathered at my sister’s today for Thanksgiving dinner. It felt like we were packing up the kitchen sink as we were getting ready to live. With two dogs to take along and one of them very young we needed a bunch of stuff for them plus the food we were bringing for the feast. Casey and Langley enjoyed themselves and were both very good puppies. They spent the time while we were eating in their crates but got to play tug and hang out after the meal was over. Langley was pretty funny when he tried to walk on the wood floor in the kitchen. He did the slip and slide, especially when he got to the end of the leash and tried to keep going. His little feet just went round and round. It was like watching a cartoon character running in place.

Christmas Tree Permit

My family has the tradition of cutting down our own Christmas tree each year. The hardest part of doing this is getting up early, early in the morning on the first Friday or Saturday in November to get a tree permit. The forest service sells 1,000 permit each day and they go on sale at 8:00 a.m. but you have to get to Soldier Hollow early if you want to be sure you are going to get a permit. I don’t know how early people get there but we usually get there around 7:00 a.m. and we are far from the first. They hand out arm bands so then we can wait in the car for a while and stay warm. At 8:00 a.m. the line starts to move slowly then finally our turn comes and we pay $10 for our precious permit. Casey had fun in line socializing with a little toddler.