Holy Land Experience

On Saturday we went with Sue and her daughter (and Apex of course) to the Holy Land Experience. We got to see how Apex worked with lots of people around. They have a replica of the Tabernacle that the children of Israel used when they were wandering in the wilderness. It was interesting to see the reenactment of what the priests did in the temple. The other part I really liked was the Scriptorium where they presented a history of the Bible with lots of old scriptures including some pages of a Gutenberg Bible.

Apex in harness

Apex is such a lucky dog. Sue takes such good care of him. She brings snacks for him of fresh fruit and/or veggies everyday. He eats a dog food with no preservatives so she can only get 20 lbs at a time. Every time she goes to get more dog food the vet checks Apex over to makes sure that he is doing well and monitors his weight. Sue hopes that Apex will be able to be her guide for ten years. He just might make it with how well she takes care of him.

Apex getting pea pods for a snack

We had committed to go to the Top Dog banquet that evening so we headed back to the hotel late in the afternoon and just before we were going to turn left and Sue and her daughter were going to turn right, a car from a side street pulled out to make a left hand turn right in front of both of our cars. Amanda was able to miss the other car and Bill almost got stopped but we still hit the other car.

Our rental car with the bumper hanging off after the acident

After all the police reports etc. were done (the driver of the other car got a ticket), Sue called her dad to bring us something to tie the bumper back on the car so we could drive it back to the rental company and get a different car. They are such kind and generous people. We feel so lucky that Apex is part of such a great family. It was nice to have some moral and physical support with local knowledge when things went wrong. Because of that what could have been a very stressful experience was just an inconvenience.

We ended up being only a few minutes late for the banquet. They had a really good speaker, Kathy Nimmer, the author of the book “Two Plus Four Equals One”. She shared stories from her book about the partnership between service dogs and their handlers. She had us all laughing and crying. At one point one of the dogs their even spoke up to put in their opinion. It was great.

Florida Bound

We are off to Florida for a fun adventure. We will be attending the Top Dog Conference on Friday and Saturday. We have a couple of days to do whatever we decide to do and one day to visit my Aunt & Uncle who are on a mission at the Deseret Citrus and Cattle Ranch. The rest of the trip we will be hanging out with our first pup, Apex and his handler. He has been a working guide dog for almost a year so it will be fun see how he has matured. We are keeping flexible on the schedule so we can adapt to whatever opportunities comes our way. I’m sure there will be more to do than we have time to do it in.
Casey gets to have an adventure of her own by spending the week we are gone with our friend Lisa. It will be good for her and she will get lots of love and kisses. If Bill can get things to work properly by using his phone to get access to the internet, I hope to do daily reports on this blog as to our fun. If not I’ll have to do it when we get back.