Gift Idea #27 – Re-purpose Men’s Items

idea numbers27So after I finished Idea #26, I thought well what about the little trinkets that men collect? Wouldn’t it be neat to take your grandfather’s tie clip or cufflinks and make them into something fun and useful? Men don’t usually have as much jewelry as women but they do have some. Cufflinks would make great earrings. A tie clip or tack could easily be used as a pin. Many of the ideas for re-purposing costume jewelry would work here too.

What about the other little trinkets that men often hang onto? An old pocket watch would make an awesome necklace. Maybe some parts from his toolbox or workshop could be put together in steampunk fashion. It is much harder to find ideas for men’s things on the internet but if you have a specific item, a google search is sure to bring up some ideas if you play with the search terms a bit.