Pupdate: Apex & Yakira visit

Yakira and Apex

We were privileged to spend a whole week with two of the puppies we raised, Apex and Yakira. They flew in from Florida, with their owners just to visit us and do some sightseeing in the area. They are both healthy and happy in their careers and their lives in general.

coming down the jet-way

We got gate passes so we could “help” Sue and Sharan, but it was really so we could see our pups asap. When they saw us they got super excited and ran to greet us. Not sure what everyone at the gate thought but it was super fun to have two happy black labs come running to say hi. It was so great going places with them.

Sharan, Yakira, Apex and Sue outside the Conference Center

the whole gang at our house

Only fly in the ointment was Fable was in heat so she had to stay home. We did borrow another puppy in training, Tamara, for a few days. I wonder what people thought to see three black labs traveling around together. There favorite activity was watching the Tabernacle Choir practice.

Apex at the Tabernacle Choir rehearsal

Yakira at the choir rehearsal

I was sad to see them go. Too bad they don’t live down the street so we could all get together every week or so. Can’t wait until we can swing a trip to Florida to visit them!





An Evening with Apex

This morning we went to a couple of presentations at the Top Dog Workshop. One was on dog first aid and the other was on the GPS Trakker system. Both were very interesting. Not sure if we will make it to any more of the presentations. They are in conflict with what Sue has planned and I’ll pick spending time with Apex over classes that are more geared to guide dog users than puppy raisers.

Today we did a little shopping until it was time to meet Apex after Sue finished work for the day. When we got to her work she was outside waiting for us with Apex our of his harness and off leash. We he saw us and realized who we were he got so excited and ran around and jump like the “tigger” that he is. It was so good to see him all grown-up and strong. We brought him a huge nylabone and he loved it.

After all of the running around we walk a few blocks away to an Italian restaurant that is one of Sue’s favorites. Apex was all business again when she put the harness on. He is very relaxed when he guides and watches the world around him but he seems to know just what to do. We had a super yummy meal with Sue’s daughter and her parents. It was obvious that they all love Apex just as much as we do plus they are so grateful for the freedom and safety that he has brought to Sue’s life.

Finally we ended up back at Sue’s house where we relaxed on the couch with Apex. It is different to see him on the couch but it is good to know that the rules can be more relaxed in many ways when these puppies get partnered up. It was the perfect end to a wonderful evening with our first puppy. While we were on the couch I remembered to bring our my camera a snap a few pictures.

Snuggling on the couch with Apex