Regional Christmas Party

Today was the big regional puppies in training Christmas party at the Center for the Blind. There were more than 30 dogs there, including some career change dogs. It was fun to see Clifford again. We enjoyed a pot-luck meal and then they divided us up into 3 groups to play games. One of them was dog tick-tack-toe. In this version the pup has to stay in a sit or a down. If he gets up then the spot opens up for the other team to take the square. Bruce got this great shot of pup tick-tack-toe.

Puppy Tick-Tack-Toe

He also took some cute photos of Phoenix who has transferred out of our club. His raiser’s work wasn’t cooperating with him being there and she felt bad about him being alone so much.


After the games we had the gift exchange. It was fun to see the variety of dog related gifts and which ones everyone wanted. Poor Joe kept getting his gifts stolen. It was a fun evening. It is amazing that you can have so many dogs in one room and they all get along so well.