Pupdate – Zodiac’s in home training

Zodiac, David and Michelle on their first “walk” down the driveway

Zodiac’s been in Missouri all week training with his new partner David. I was so excited yesterday when we got the photo above. This is our first glimpse of Zodiac in harness. Doesn’t he look so good! I’ve chatted via email and Facebook with David’s other half Toni. It has been so much fun to get to know them and learn a little about Zodiac’s new life. I think that GDB has made another amazing match and that David and Zodiac will have many wonderful years together.

Zodiac on his new dog bed

Zodiac’s new brother Ringo Star


Another Zodiac Pupdate!


I got a call today that Zodiac has been chosen for in home training. This means that instead of the blind person coming to the campus in Oregon to train with Zodiac, Zodiac will be going to the blind person’s home in Missouri so they can training together. Zodiac will be flying to Missouri this weekend with a trainer. The trainer will work the Zodiac and his new partner until August 20th. We will be heading to Oregon later this week to say good-bye to Zodiac before he starts this new adventure. He won’t be present at a formal graduation though he and his partner will be mentioned and an upcoming graduation ceremony. We are excited and happy that Zodiac is going to be a guide dog.