Kongs and Wish Bones

Today was a pretty normal Saturday. We are still getting use to only having one puppy in training around. We miss Banta and her huge spirit that can fill up a house with her energy. Casey is adjusting well to being the only dog in the house. She is ready to be on her own. Banta did a great job of mentoring her. We went to the library today and to SuperCuts for much needed haircuts. I decided that it was time to make things much shorter. I’m tired of having hair get in my face. Casey did very well. Later in the day I decided to stick two of her Kongs on the end of her nylabone wish bone. She had fun chewing on the end that didn’t have a Kong on it.

Puppy Cuddling

Banta and Casey are just sooo cute together. When I see them together I can’t help but think back to almost a year ago when we first got Banta and the couple of days she overlapped with Apex. There is so much that is similar in their interactions except that the big dog is yellow and the little dog is black. Casey has gained a lot of confidence in the 12 days that we have had her. Banta has done a great job of mentoring her.