Puppy #7

Today I got confirmation that puppy #7 is coming this next week on Wednesday. We are getting a yellow lab female whose name starts with the letter “D”. She was born on November 11th and her parents are Bosworth and Cava. Yesterday I kept watching for an email from our club leader but it didn’t come. Then today when my husband was opening up the mail he started laughing. Our club leader sent a pick balloon in the mail with the news of our new little girl. I can’t wait to see her.

She is coming in with another puppy for our club on a Delta flight. That will be a whole new experience instead of the puppy truck. Guide Dogs for the Blind doesn’t send puppy trucks to Utah in the winter, so flying them in is the only option. They usually only fly in puppies when the puppy raiser raised a puppies parent. But GDB has more puppies to place now than raisers in the warmer areas can handle so they are willing to send the by plane.

I’ll post about her arrival as soon as I can get myself together while dealing with a 9 week old puppy.

Waffle Update


Waffle as a young pup in a basket (from Lisa Thompson’s photoshoot)

Yesterday we got a bit of news on Waffle. Her official “Dog Drop Notice” came. Here is what it said:

DOG: 50B7 – Waffle F\LAB\Yellow – PRP\REL  DOB:2/27/2011

RELEASED DATE: 7/24/2012

PLACEMENT: Pull for K9 Buddy evaluation.

SUMMARY: Waffle is a sensitive dog with a history of confidence issues.  She has shown sensitivity to heights with some improvement seen with use of the food protocol.  Her general demeanor on outings is subdued and although she has made progress in some areas, she continues to lack the confidence needed to enter formal guide training.

Waffle displays very good house manners and is a wonderful pet. She is snuggly and enjoys people of all ages.  She may have potential as a K9 Buddy or other Community Placement.

RELEASE REASON(S): 21301 – BEH: Fearful Behavior Environment  Generalized
LOCATION (if applicable):

I had no idea they were considering her for the K9 Buddy program. I’m so excited. This program places dogs with blind kids who are too young to have a guide dog. The kids get a chance to learn about taking care of and handling a dog so they are better prepared when it comes time to get a guide dog. Here are a couple of videos on K9 Buddies.

Nearly Blind Boy Gets Furry Friend




Zodiac’s Littermates

Pomona with Zulu, Zodiac and Zenith

One of the things that Guide Dogs for the Blind does for puppy raisers is the littermate photos. With each litter of puppies they take photos and a couple of videos when they are a week or so old and then again a couple of weeks after that. With Yakira they had the photos uploaded to their Flickr site before we got Yakira but Zodiac’s litter was posted not long ago. Today I finally had a chance to go and look them up. I was also able to look up the names of his siblings in this year’s Fun Day book. The yellow lab in these photos is Zodiac’s sister Zulu and the other black lab is his brother Zenith. Sometimes I think I can tell which one is Zodiac but I don’t think there is a way to be sure. Correction on that, as I was just looking closer at these photo I realized that Zenith must be the one with a small white spot on his chest. Zodiac doesn’t have a white spot. Yeah! I’m really excited that at least in some of the photos I know which one is Zodiac. Anyway, I enjoy seeing how they looked when they were just tiny little things.

March 13, 2012 Video (Zodiac is the one hidden under the newspaper)

March 27, 2012 Video (zodiac is the black one not moving around much)


Zodiac and Zenith

Zodiac or Zenith

Zodiac or Zenith