My 2013 Calendar

I got my 2013 Calendar finished last week. Now I’m finally getting around to posting about it. It evolved during the process and although I’m happy with the results it isn’t what I thought it would be when I started. I thought I would do something that could be printed in black and white but in the end it looked better with the colored backgrounds. I wish I had made the backgrounds myself but I didn’t. I didn’t have enough time for that. It was fun working with paper a pencil and I think I’ll find reason to mix some more of that in with all the computer stuff in the future. Feel free to make copies of the calendar for your personal use. I hope you have a great year in 2013.

2013 Calendar PDF



My 2013 Calender

I’ve decided to do a Calender for 2013. While I haven’t done a Calender every year I’ve done one for family and friends more years than I haven’t. This years Calender started out as a wish to do something beautiful with the phrase “keep the faith”. I like the idea of a Calender because it is useful and if someone really likes the image for a particular month they can keep it after the Calender is finished.

Once I’d decided that the project was going to be a Calender I had to come up with short phrases for each month. After some brainstorming I asked Bill to help me pick which ones we would use. Then it was time to get to work. I originally started laying out “keep the faith” in InDesign using Before the Rain by font designer Mans Greback but as I thought of all the months I needed to layout and I didn’t want to use the same font on all of them but I wanted them to be beautiful I decided that I would change things up and do each phrase by hand. I hope I won’t regret this but so far I’m having fun working with pencil and paper instead of my computer for a change of pace. I keep telling myself that I’m looking for an organic look not something precise and perfect so it lends itself to being hand drawn. But I’m lacking in confidence that I can pull this off.

I have sketched out each of the 13 phrases that I’ll be using on my calendar and I’ve continued to use Mans Greback’s fonts as inspiration to help me have a good variety of styles from image to image. I’d love some feedback on what I have so far. So fire away.