Gift Idea #17 – Historically Inspired Photo Shoot

idea numbers17Do you have an old family photo that you really love? How about using it as the inspiration for a new family photo? You could replicate the scene, the style of dress or just the arrangement of the people. Then you could hang the two images next to each other on the wall. Or it would be fun to use the two images together on a post card or greeting card to send to family and friends. This project will also give you the opportunity to share stories or memories about the original photo and the people in that photo.

If you are inspired by this idea, just let those creative juices run and see where it takes you.



While I was checking out Homestory’s blog I came across her post on Historypin. This is such an awesome concept I can’t wait to explore it more. The idea is to tag photos by place and date. This way you can narrow down your searches for images so easily by the site and the time frame. I’ve done images searches for history books and this would have been so helpful. If you haven’t been to Historypin, you’ve got to check it out.

p.s. I enjoyed the rest of Homestory’s blog to. I really like the idea of using a building as the theme behind telling family stories. I’ll have to post more on this another day.