My Current Projects: Goals and Progress

Evaluate Goals for last week:

+ Write blog posts ahead for Thursday, Friday and Saturday: I got Thursday and Friday done. Saturday’s post actually had to wait until I lived the week so I didn’t do it ahead. But it is now Monday and it still isn’t done. I have started it though.

++ Put Key West slides on to DVD for my dad: I got this done and even got it to my dad!

– Post to link to about each of my projects: no progress

0 Work on Mary text (take to Wood Badge): I prepped a half sheet booklet with the outline and space to write but there was no time at Wood Badge to work on it. They kept us very, very busy. So this was not a good plan.

Evaluate new approach at the end of the week: well it didn’t happen at the end of the week but I can do it now. I didn’t get my goals printed out. Total score +2 so not too bad considering the situation.

Progress on projects not on my goal list:

Talked with my dad about Kim’s current illustration. She will need some better reference material for the ship. Because my dad is a Navy man he noticed that she has some of the basic of the ship wrong.

Goals for this week:

  1. print goals for the week
  2. get 50 for 50 blog post caught up
  3. blog ahead for Thursday and Friday
  4. write 5 emails to family on Mary Taylor’s sailing on the Horizon
  5. figure out how to schedule emails to go off while I’m at Wood Badge
  6. rate my progress

I have so much to do in prep for the second half of Wood Badge that I’m not going to try to get anything but the basics done this week.


My Current Projects: goals and progress

It is Monday so I’d better take a look at my week and check my progress.

In the Navy – Key West Chapter: project about my dad’s 20 years in the U.S. Navy. The priority is the chapter on Key West so he can pass it on to the Under Water Swimmer School website to include in their history page.

Due Date: asap but no hurry either

  • Listen to audio tape & transcribe

I actually put in about 30 minutes on this. Not sure how to handle the transcribing but I got some done. I think this will just take some time. My dad did share some interesting stories about assignments he had that I hadn’t heard before.

Journal for Martin’s Cove Reunion: a half sheet size journal to help make the trek experience at Martin’s Cove more meaningful. Have time line of handcart company with info about Mary Taylor and her family along with space for journaling and possible adding photos or sketches.

Due Date: July 2012

  • Decide on Binding – in process
  • Logo for Reunion
  • edits – waiting for mom to proof read

This is pretty much on hold until my mom gets back with me. She said she was going to show it to my aunt Lucy who will be at Martin’s Cove with us. I didn’t do anything with the binding. I think I’ll plan on getting back to this project in June.

Mary: a small (7×7) book about Mary Taylor’s childhood and her journey to the Salt Lake Valley with the Martin Handcart Company for children under 12 to learn about their pioneer ancestor.

Due Date: flexible – would love to have at least a draft for July Reunion

  • write text
  • get illustrations from Kim

I got an email from Kim this morning that she finished the first illustration! We just have to work out the best way for her to get it to me. I set up a folder on Google Docs that I shared with her. I think it will work but I’ve never done this before so we will see.

Mother’s Day Project:

Due Date: May 13th

I’ve decided to do a project for Mother’s Day. We are hosting a family dinner that day and I’d like to give something to my mom and my mother-in-law. If I can pull it off I’d like to do one for my two sisters and my sister-in-law too. Not sure what I’m doing but I want to do something inspired by the Infographics post. I’m thinking something 8″ x 10″ so I could get a simple frame to put it in.

Goals for this week:

  1. Continue transcribing “Key West”
  2. Pay Kim for 1st illustration
  3. Mother’s Day Project

I’ve admitted to myself that I’m not going to work on Mary or the Martin’s Cove Journal this week. I haven’t been very productive on my family story projects the past two weeks but I do feel good about keeping up on my blog posts. I get sidetrack easily. But it is a new week and I can and will do better this week.

What are your goals for the week?