Family Trees: hand print quilt

Family Tree Quilt from

This family tree made of hand prints would make a priceless gift. So if you know how to sew (or know someone who is willing) this would be an incredible project. My parents 60th wedding anniversary is coming up next year. Something like this would be perfect. Click on the photo above for more photos and how Kimbo went about making this quilt. I’m filing this idea away for next October.

Gift Idea #22 – Flash Cards

idea numbers22This is another idea inspired by Pin Hole Press. For the younger family members flash cards with pictures of extended family members or ancestors would be lots of fun. The ones on Pin Hole Press are way cute but you could make your own with a little time and effort. I think flash cards would be fun way to teach family and the many people who make up your family.

You could include places or objects that have significance to your family too. With some brainstorming I’m sure you could come up with a lot more ideas than you realize. Each card could have a story or stories that you can share with the little ones about the person, place or thing.

Pin Hole Press Flash Cards