Family Trees: tree of hearts

Family Tree of Hearts from

This Family Tree of Hearts is customizable from Though you have no control over the arrangement of the hearts on the tree or which heart the names appear on, this would make a lovely addition to any home. Click on the image above to get the details.

If you have the time and desire you can paint your own version. Theirs is on canvas so you could pick up a pre-stretched canvas and get to work. Or you could use wooden planks to replicate the look of the background. Doing it your self you could put the hearts in a more traditional family tree arrangement, though I can see some advantages of the random approach. Doing it yourself would make it possible to add more hearts as new members join the family.



50 Jar Gifts: idea #15 – Bubbles

Homemade Bubble Jars by Maison de Pax

Here is another activity oriented jar gift idea. While bubbles are usually thought of as a kids thing there are lots of adults who like them too. Homemade bubble jars create the perfect setting to talk about childhood memories. Below are more bubble ideas to get you started.

Bubble dispenser via Amy Wright

Homemade bubbles: combine 12 cups water, 1 cup dawn liquid soap and 1 tablespoon vegetable oil. Stir gently. Put all of this in a $5.00 container from Target/Walmart. Inexpensive and spill proof! Give the kids Dixie cups with all your extra wands from previous bubble jars. Enjoy! Amy

Bubble Jar via CraftFoxes

Bubble Wand

If it is wintertime you can try making frozen bubbles. For a fun night-time activity, cut open and glow stick and pour it into the bubble jar.

Glow in the Dark Bubbles via Lindsay

image via Myla Jones

If this idea inspires you, let me know. I’d love to share your project here too.jar gift logos16

Want some more ideas? Visit my Pinterest board dedicated to jar gift ideas.

Gift Idea #46 – Story Box

idea numbers46This gift idea was inspired by this post on Design Mom. Guest Aunt Kelly Wilkinson made a story box for her sister as a gift before her first baby was born. I think this could be adapted for other situations. What Kelly did was take a wooden cigar box and decorate the outside with pretty images. A wooden box would be wonderful but other types of containers could be used also.

Inside she and a few friends put handwritten cards with story prompts. This cards can be used by her sister or in the future her sister’s children to start stories from their mother’s life. Children love to hear stories about their parents lives. This idea could also be used with grandparents or other extended family. The story prompts could also be generic and then the story box could be used by anyone to generated memories of their lives. The story box could be the start of a new family tradition that will be enjoyed for years to come.