Big Things From a Tiny Kitchen

Here is a fun way to share your passion about food with family and friends. The first part of the video talks about making the cook book and the last part how to make her signature dish. Below are previews of her two cookbooks. I love the idea of putting together your own beautiful cookbooks. Food is such an important part of families and our memories of childhood and good times together. These books are great inspiration.

Gift Idea #11 – Family Cookbook

What could be better than a cookbook full of all of your family‘s favorite recipes? This is another project that is on my to-do list for some future date.

A family cookbook could be a simple project such as a binder with just a few recipes to start or even a recipe box. These two ideas have the advantage the ability to start small and add to them in the future. The could even be started with the intention that when the collection of recipes is large enough to put them into a printed book.

On the other end of the scale would be a beautifully bound book with photos of the recipes and the stories behind these family favorites. Or do an enhanced ebook with videos about the recipes and their stories. Which ever direction you decide to take this project it is bound to bring up treasured memories and give new opportunities to make new memories all centered around families and good food.

Here are a few links for sites that can help you get a family cookbook put together.

Make a Family Cookbook

Cookbook Software

G&R Publishing

Heritage Cookbook

Family Cookbook Binders

Family Cookbooks





Enhanced ebooks – Cookbooks

by Aruna Khanzada

Here is some more info on Blurb‘s new enhanced ebooks. I think it sound intriguingĀ  add sound and video to a book. I can’t wait to try this out. I wish I could drop all my other projects and play around with this. The video below is about Aruna Khanzada who has made more than 200 Blurb books. She describes what inspired her to write her books. I am inspired by her story.

Curry Base Video

Curry Base Book Preview


Food and Stories

I was watching the Food Nanny on BYUtv recently and something she said sparked a thought. One of her philosophies is to have theme nights when planning what to eat for dinner. A favorite theme of the Food Nanny’s is Tradition Day. On Tradition Day you eat recipes that are family favorites. What a perfect thing to do, cook a favorite recipe and then share the story behind the dish or the person who introduced that dish to the family. Over time you could compile those recipes and stores into a wonderful family cookbook and family history book.

Heritage Recipe Book

I found this beautiful example of a family cookbook on Blurb, with some of the stories and history behind the recipes. My mom isn’t famous for her good cooking but I think that my extended family might be a good source for project like this. When I think of my grandma’s cooking, I think of fruitcake and banana nut bread. I wonder what recipes my cousins have that trace back to my grandma. Since I’m working on a Generations Project with my great-great-grandmother Mary Taylor it would be interesting to know what kind of recipes exist from her day. I don’t know of any recipes handed down from Mary but maybe some out there. But even knowing what kinds of foods she ate during her childhood in England and then in her later life here in the west would be very interesting.

I’ll have to think about this idea and see what percolates out. Do you have a family recipe collection? Are there fun or interesting stories to go with those recipes?