Dune: demonstrator

I’m posting an extra page from Dune’s puppyhood book today. I just made it today too. I just had to share the great news. Dune was the demo dog at the Guide Dogs for the Blind graduation today in Boring Oregon. This is an honor. As far as we know none of our other dogs have been the demo dog before. Thanks to fellow puppy raiser Martha who was at graduation for making this page possible. I’ve had trouble focusing on anything but Dune since I got the news so I decided to channel it into this page. Fingers crossed for good news next week. The demo dog is often in the next class.

Dune Demo Dog

At all of GDB’s graduations they have a short demonstration of what guide dogs do. The pick one dog in training for that honor. On 7 June 2014 Dune was the Demo Dog!

I was on my computer when a message came through on Facebook from a fellow puppy raiser who was at graduation:

“A small yellow dog is demo dog. I will let you know soon.”


“It is!”

“You mean it is Dune!”

“Posting pictures of her now”

I was so excited to see Dune and hear about her. Martha apologized for the quality of the photos because her phone was having troubles plus she said, “Dune is also very fast and she was excited about working. She was really cute and very focused!”