Good News!

Apex using his blanket as a pillow while hanging out at the hospital with Sue’s Dad

Sue called to day with great news. The pathology came back today and the results were good. They got clean margins. That means that they got all the cancer! They will be watching him closely but everything looks good. They super glued his incision shut now that they know that they don’t have to go back in. The staples will come out on the 30th. I found out that when Apex went in for surgery they had decided that if when they got in there the cancer was into the bone they would take his leg and if it had progress further they would go ahead and put him down. Oh that must have been such a difficult decision to make. I’m sure that it was the right thing to do but it must have been so hard to send me to surgery knowing that she might not see him again.

I’m so grateful and feel so blessed that Apex has made it through this challenge in such a good way. It turned out that his having an ear infection was such a great blessing. If he hadn’t gone into the vet when he did the outcome of this would probably have been much different. Yeah Apex! Heal quickly you strong handsome boy.

Update on Apex’s Surgery

Apex in All his Glory in the middle of the bed

We got this email on how Apex’s surgery went today:

The vet called and she is done with surgery today.  She removed a melonballer sized of muscle from his leg.  The pathology report will be what tells us if she got it all or if it was encapsulated or not.  If not- we will go back to surgery on Tuesday if need be.  For now – I am going to get him and take him home.  He will be on pain meds for the weekend so he should rest and heal.  I have a to-do list that I can tackle while I am home with him.
I will let you all know more when I get home from the vets on Tuesday night.
Thanks for the prayers !

Apex is having Surgery

Apex hanging out at the hospital with Sue and her dad

We got some shocking news from Sue about Apex today. He is having surgery on Friday. On Wednesday night she took him to the vet because she thought he might have an ear infection. Well her vet is very careful with Apex and so she checked him over carefully while he was there and she found a “wart” on his knee that she didn’t like the “feel” of. So she tested it and found it to be a cancerous lesion with a wide base.

So he goes is at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning to have it removed and hopefully get a good clean margin. They took a sample yesterday and it came back as a “stranded” irregular cell structure (aka: fast growing tentacle style cancer). They have a specialist coming in from University of Florida tonight to check him over and be there for the surgery tomorrow. I know he is the best of hands.

Poor Sue. Her dad’s funeral was just a couple of weeks ago after a couple of months of being with him day and night at the hospital or care center. She is emotionally already stretched and to have this on top of it has got to be so hard. I’m am reeling from this myself. It brings back so many of the emotions of when Shadow our pet dog was diagnosed with cancer, also a fast growing type. Sue has asked us to pray for them including the vet who is also a christian and welcomes the help. I’ve decided to fast for the next 24 hours. I don’t want this to be the end of Apex’s career. But it would be better for him to loose his leg than for him to loose his life so young. He is only three years old. That is way to young.