Yakira – Seven Months Old

Yakira and her pillow

Our sweet Yakira turned seven months old today. When ever I think about the challenge she was and three months and even four months old, I am so grateful for the wonderful puppy she is becoming. Yakira got to wear the birthday bandana today. We had a quiet day at home with no outings other than a 45 minute walk. Of all the puppies we have raised so far Yakira is the first to really lay her head on a pillow like a human. Some of the other pups have enjoyed pillows but more for their shoulders but she lays her head on the patchwork pillow almost every night.


7 Months Old

Casey turned 7 months old today! The time goes so fast it is hard to believe that we have had her for almost 5 months already. She is a good girl and so much fun to have around. She loves to run wild around the house after walks. She is great at night sleeping loose in our bedroom and rather patient in the morning waiting for breakfast. She is making progress on jumping into the car. She loves to have her belly rubbed and sometimes she is just a silly little girl. She is still a little “hoover” thinking she needs to check the floor around the house for the tiniest little crumb. Casey is our little cow girl because of they mooing noises she often makes.

 This photo was taken by Lisa Thompson.