Stand in Holy Places – Paper & Cupcake Wrapper

Stand ye In Holy Places – all over paper

A few weeks ago I did a post about the bookmarks I made to coordinate with my 2013 calendar. I had a request to make a cupcake wrapper from the bookmark so I took the bookmark image and duplicated it to create an all over design. Next I found a basic cupcake wrapper template shape and used that to mask so that just the cupcake wrapper shape showed the “Stand Ye in Holy Places” design.

Stand Ye in Holy Places – cupcake wrappers

The cupcake wrappers are being used as part of a birthday gift for the young women at church. To go along with the Stand in Holy places theme for the year, each young woman is getting a fuzzy pair of socks coiled up in the cupcake wrapper to look like a cupcake. I had a photo of the finished project but I seem to have deleted it. If I get another photo I’ll add it here. You are welcome to use either of these images for any non-commercial project.

Stand in Holy Places Bookmark

Youth Theme 2013 Bookmarks

While I was working on my calendar for 2013 I planned a bookmark to go along with this year’s theme for the youth in our church. Because of the size I planned the calendar to be I thought I would be able to print some bookmarks in the wasted space on the edge of the page. But I made a mistake and didn’t make the calendar the size that I thought I was making it and so I didn’t end up having space there. I’m still not sure how I’m going to use these bookmarks but I thought I’d share them here in case anyone wants to use them. Feel free to use them for any non-commercial purpose. The colors I used here are geared for the young women but if someone wants different colors let me know and I can easily add some more colors.