My Projects

Here are some of my projects to tell my family tales, with the most current ones are on the top. I learn from every project I do and each one gets a little better.  The more I learn the more I realize how little and know and how much more to learn.

Casey (7×7 book about Casey’s puppyhood)

In The Navy (book about my dad’s 20 years in the US Navy)

Mother’s Day 2012 (quick one page infographics project)

Mary (illustrated children’s book about my great-great-grandmother)

Martin’s Cove Journal (small journal for my family reunion at Martin’s Cove, Wyoming)

My Generations Project – Mary Taylor (a collection of projects in getting to know Mary Taylor)

Europe 1952 (large coffee table style book about my mother’s trip to Europe)

Waffle (7×7 book about Waffle’s puppyhood)

Irene (7×7 book in tribute to my grandmother)

Twila (7×7 book in tribute to my aunt)

Neils C. Jenson (7×7 book in tribute to my grandfather)

Family Proclamation (7×7 book inspired by “The Family, A Proclamation to the World)

Banta (7×7 book about Banta’s puppyhood)

Carol Joy (7×7 book about my aunts life)

Apex (7×7 book about Apex’s puppyhood)

Adams Mill Road (book about a group of young women living in Washington D.C. in the 50’s)

Shadow’s Laws (little tribute book about our pet dog)

When He Was Young (book about my dad’s childhood)

Shadow from A to Z (7×7 book about Shadow’s life)

Posterity of Neils and Irene Jenson (history of my aunts, uncles and cousins)

Milestones (small book for my parents 50th anniversary)

Our Family (ongoing multi-volume history about the family I grew up in)

Iris (scrapbook for my mom’s 80th birthday)

History of Neils & Irene Wayman Jenson (this was my first history, done in Microsoft Word)

I’ll be working to get all of my past projects uploaded with links here, but that may take me awhile.


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