Emma Book: Cover, title page & eight

Emma Book: front cover

I finally finished Emma’s puppyhood book. It has only been six months since she left. We are going to the San Francisco area the end of the month and have made arrangements to see Emma and meet Dennis, the man who adopted her. The trip motivated me to get focused and get it done. I’m so excited for this trip. (We also get to see Waffle and her owner Carole.) So over the next few weeks I’ll post a spread from Emma’s book here. I’ve ordered a copy of the book from Blurb.com to give to Dennis. After the trip I’ll add a page about Emma and Dennis. Hope you enjoy the little snippets of Emma’s growing up year.

I based it on the same template as all the other books I’ve done for the puppies we have raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind. This really helps the book come together quickly because so many of the design decisions have already been made. I pick a new font for the large letters and use the same one for the words. The font along with two accent colors that show the dog’s personality give the books a uniform look but with individuality too.

Emma Book: title page

Emma is the eighth puppy we have raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Here is a little of the history behind her. Our first two pups, Apex and Banta got me wanting to continue the alphabet so we requested a “C” for our next pup. Puppy #4 jumped us to the end of the alphabet with Waffle, followed by Yakira and Zodiac. We got back on track with Dune, so I was very excited when the trend continued with our “E” puppy, Emma.



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