50 Jar Gifts: idea #40 – Thank You Bank

Thank You Bank from madewithhappy.com

I’ve come across several ideas for using jars to encourage thinking about things we are thankful for, but this one is my favorite. I think I like it so much because it is simple but fully functional and it won’t clutter up your counter, table or desk. This idea could easily be adapted for all kinds of things, but it would be awesome on Thanksgiving day for everyone to put in at least one thing they are thankful for and then read them around the dinner table. It could become a tradition with the tags put into a scrapbook each year. It would make an interesting record over the years as some things we are thankful for change and others stay the same.

Click on the image above for a step by step tutorial.

If this idea inspires you, let me know. I’d love to share your project here too.jar gift logos41

Want some more ideas? Visit my Pinterest board dedicated to jar gift ideas.


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