Pupdate: Fable

Fable at the Great Salt Lake Marina

Fable is doing fabulous. She is growing and learning and mostly doing great. She is a super sleeper and loves to play and has lots of energy. That is one of the challenges with her, lots of energy. She gets her jacket on Monday and then she will be official to get out and start socializing. That will help lots on using up her energy. Going new places wears puppies out not just physically but mentally too. She had her 12 week shots on Monday and is a healthy puppy of 20 lbs.

We have a GDB Halloween party coming up in a few weeks and I’ve tried to figure out what costume to do for that. I did some research today and I finally have an idea that I really like. It is kind of traditional to dress the pups up with something to do with their name. We haven’t done that much but I wanted to this year with a name like Fable. I thought about doing something with Aesop’s Fables but didn’t really like that too much. But then I found this image via Pinterest and got inspired.

unicorn mask on Ravelry.com

Someone in Japan made it and there are no instructions but I think I can figure it out. I’ll do it in black. Fable will be a black unicorn. She will be so cute. I can’t wait to get started on it. Don’t think I have any black yarn though so I’ll need to get some.


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