50 Jar Gifts: idea #30 – firefly lantern

firefly lantern by Ashley Hackshaw at Lil Blue Boo

This idea brought back memories of longing to catch fireflies as a child. I don’t remember ever living where fireflies were common and feeling like I was missing out on something really magical. If you have memories of catching fireflies, these lanterns would be a fun way to share those stories with your family and give them something to remind them of your fireflies. If you are lucky enough to live where there are fireflies it would be so much fun to have a firefly catching outing and then follow it up with a lantern to take home and remind them of that special night. Another option for those with families with lots of firefly catching experiences would be to dim the lights at a family gathering and give everyone a chance to share their stories by the light of these “firefly” lanterns. Make an audio recording to help capture the memories and then share those stories in written form with your family.

firefly lantern tutorial

Click on either of the photos for a detailed tutorial on making the firefly lanterns. If this idea inspires you, let me know. I’d love to share your project here too.jar gift logos31 I think I need to put catching fireflies on my bucket list.

Want some more ideas? Visit my Pinterest board dedicated to jar gift ideas.


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