Key West: update

My Dad and I got together today to talk more about his memories of Key West. It was good to talk and ask more questions. I recorded most of it for future reference. Part of the discussion was about how to approach the writing and the perspective to write it from. Gradually I think our vision is becoming clearer. I must have hope that we will figure this out if we just keep working at it and learning how to do it. Friday afternoon we will be getting together again. My parents are in town for the next couple of weeks.

Couple of other developments on Key West. Last week when I was researching I came across a book called “The Streets of Key West.” It included a 1950’s street map of Key West. I got the copy ordered through Barnes and Noble from a Goodwill in Florida. I think it will have some interesting bits of history. Found out today that someone as created a closed Facebook group for the Underwater Swimmers School. They emailed me because my address it their contact with my Dad. I joined the group and then realized that I really need to make a Facebook account for my Dad. No one knows me and there is no way for them to easily tell that I’m his daughter. So I’ll be getting a new email address for him and set up a Facebook profile for him. It could be a great source of information for this project and a good way to share what we are doing with those who would be interested.

Now I just need to get back to writing. I haven’t gotten to it so far this week and with a new puppy coming tomorrow it will be challenging to focus. But I must find a way. Anyone have any tricks or suggestion?


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