A New Plan

Since the writing challenge is over and I don’t want to post everyday about my progress on the Key West history for my Dad, I need a new plan for posts. Lets mix things up a bit with more variety than I’ve had for the last few months. Here is my plan:

Mondays: Candy Window Project – we are in full swing on this year’s Christmas display made of candy for South Jordan, so a weekly update will be a great time to share what we are doing.

Tuesdays: 50 Jar Gift Ideas – this has been long neglected but I’m determined to pick up where I left on and get it finished.

Wednesdays: Key West Project – a weekly update will help me be accountable and I can share what I’m learning along the way.

Thursdays: 50 Jar Gift Ideas – with only 18 weeks until Christmas it is going to take more than one idea a week to get finished.

Fridays: Pupdates – haven’t done many updates about my puppies other than for the big things like graduations and such. Weekly posts about our current and past puppies is a good way to keep a record of their lives.

So there is my plan. Now I just have to follow it. Planning is easy, it is the doing that is hard. But with focus and self-discipline I can do it!


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