Dune: decisive & in class


Great news! Dune is in class scheduled to graduate on June 21st! She will be living in Arizona after her graduation with her new handler Ashleigh Gonzales. We are super excited to see Dune next week and get to know Ashleigh. We knew she was capable and we hoped that Dune wanted to be a guide dog and it looks like she does. Way to go Dune!

Dune knows her own mind and she knows what she wants. A good example is her relieving. As a young pup she relieved every time you asked her. As a teenager she learned she could hold it for a longtime. Now, if she is going to relieve she will do it pretty quickly. If she doesn’t think she needs to go, no amount of waiting will change that. It isn’t unusual for her to go 12 hours without peeing. If she knows she is going somewhere. She is great at quickly relieving.

Dune is a girl who knows her own mind. I am sure that this trait will serve her well in decided her future.


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