Writing Challenge: day 6

First UWSS Class – 1 November 1954

Day 6 of following the plan in The Companion Guide to The Family History Writing Challenge” by Lynn Palermo and on to organizing sources. I feel clueless about this but decided to start with the photos I have. Most of them are from my Dad’s personal collection so hopefully I don’t need any more information than that. I few of those are official Navy photographs that need to be credited as such. I have a few other sources for photos and so I decided to add that information to their metadata, so I’ll always have access to it. InDesign also has a captioning feature that you can use to put an auto caption from any field in the metadata. I’ve never used it before but I thought it might be very helpful.

If you are interested in the photos I’ve found on the internet, here are two sources.

There are some photos on flickr that I need to check out too.

That covers my work for today. I’ll check back in tomorrow and share my progress.





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