RootsTech 2014

It is a crazy week for me. I went to Innovator Summit (part of RootsTech) yesterday and today was the first day of RootsTech. Went to some great classes both days. Two more days of RootsTech ahead and I really need more sleep. The mornings are way too early for me. You can enjoy part of RootsTech too. They are streaming some of the sessions live or you can catch them later on the RootsTech site. The hardest part is deciding between classes.

On a side note Dune (our Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy in training) is returning for the next stage of her training this weekend. I’d like to get her puppyhood book done to send with her but I don’t think I’m going to make it. I hope to get a pupdate post done next week.

In the meantime, head on over to the RootsTech site and enjoy the free classes.


2 thoughts on “RootsTech 2014

  1. Dune will be at the school for at least – what – 3 months? A better and more realistic goal may be to have it ready for graduation??? Just saying…. 🙂 Sleep may need to take priority before attempting a long drive like that. Be safe !

    • Since she has breeder evals first in will be at least three months. Yes graduation is a more realistic goal and what I had to change it too. I was hoping to include most of the book as a pdf on the dvd I made with Dune’s photos. I didn’t think to do anything like that for Apex. I think I need to be more disciplined and work on the puppy books weekly or bi-weekly. I made that plan with Dune but never actually did it. In the end graduation will be just fine. Sleep won out over getting her book done. Your suggestion was wise as always. Thanks!

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