50 Jar Gifts: idea #6 – Money Jars

image from Lisa Room by Room

For another gift idea with a more practical flavor, how about jars for saving money. Think of a family story where money played a key role and share that along with the jar idea that best fits that story.

image from RoamerApp for travelers

For example, Mary Taylor and her family saved for many years to have enough money to emigrate to the United States. Maybe your family dreams of taking a trip together. Giving each family member a trip saving jar would be a great way to encourage saving plus build up excitement for the trip.

image from Cowie’s Craft and Cooking Corner

Another story is how my grandmother used eggs to pay for a family portrait. It ended up being the only professional picture of their family because Carol Joy died a short time later. Money was tight be Irene found a way to get the photograph taken. We still have the receipt for the last payment of eggs. Does your family or a family member have a special purchase they want to make? How about a special savings jar to encourage them in that endeavor.

image from Bits of Everything

Maybe you would just like to teach wise money management skill. Share a story from your family about how they were blessed by having good money habits. Then give a set of jars to help with saving and spending money wisely. Here are a few more examples. I hope they will inspire you.

image from Will Work for Decor

Personalized Savings Jar from MyOwnLabels.com

image from Erin Sutton

image from By Stephanie Lynn

image from a Little Glass Box

If this idea inspires you, let me know. I’d love to share your project here too.

Want some more ideas? Visit my Pinterest board dedicated to jar gift ideas.jar gift logos7


2 thoughts on “50 Jar Gifts: idea #6 – Money Jars

  1. I just used this to pay for part of my trip to Alaska. It is amazing how much “loose change” I can collect. At the end of every day all my change goes into the jar and everytime I use a coupon I add that amount to my jar and very soon I have “fun money” to spend.

  2. That is a great idea to not only put your loose change but the money saved from using a coupon. I better put a travel jar on my to do list. I’m wanting to add travel for fun to my life. This would make that happen much faster. Sounds like a good project for 2014! Thanks for the inspiration.

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