Liebster Award Nomination

Jessica of The Way Eye See the World has nominated me for a Liebster Award. Pop on over to her blog about her experiences with retinitis pigmentosa and the guide dog lifestyle. Here are her questions for nominees:

1. What got you into blogging?

I got into blogging as a way to explore ways to share family stories in more interesting ways to make what I learn available to others. Plus it is fun to share about the puppies I raise for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

2. Who has been the most inspirational person in your life?

That is a tough question. The short answer would be Jesus Christ. The longer answer with a “regular” person would be my friend Tricia. She is a great example to me of being a great mom, friend and leader even when times are challenging.

3. How has a specific animal impacted your life?

Our pet dog Shadow taught me the basics of training a dog and when he crossed over I couldn’t imagine doing that end of life process again. But I wanted to have dogs in my life. So I started raising puppies for GDB. That has made a huge impact on my life. I’ve learned so much more about service dog and I’ve gotten to know so many people that I otherwise wouldn’t have known.

4. Where is the coolest place in the world you have been?

Once many years ago I got the chance to visit the 16 Lakes region in what was then known as Yugoslavia. It was amazing and I loved just walking around and enjoying the color of the water and the beauty of the scenery.

5. What is your favorite book or movie?

My standard answer for my favorite movie is “Man From Snowy River”. I love the scenery, the music and the horses.

6. How did you find out about my blog?

I know you from GDB Lounge and from your visits to my blog.

7. What is your favorite and least favorite thing to do around the house?

The housework I mind the least is probably laundry. My least favorite is dishes and/or cleaning.

8. What are you most talented at? 

Probably creative problem solving is my biggest talent.

9. What would you leave in your will for the person you most care about?

I have no idea. I’ve never thought about that before. Maybe all the histories and books I’ve created over the years. I guess I’d better think about that some more.

10. If you were just given a boat, what would you name it? 

Another question that I’ve never thought about before. Let’s see . . . now about “Shadow” after our pet dog.

11. What is your favorite song and why?

I love lots and lots of songs. My favorite changes all the time. Today my favorite is “This Little Light of Mine” by the Lower Lights because I’ve been listening to it because it is the sound track I’m using for the time-lapse project I’m doing on Zodiac’s puppyhood.

Thanks Jessica, that was fun and a good stretch for my thought processes. But I’m sorry to say that I won’t be doing the rest of the nomination process of nominating other blogs. It is a fun idea but the process is very time consuming I it just isn’t where I feel I should be spending my time right now. Sorry about that.


2 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination

  1. No reason to apologize. I loved reading your responses. A topic that has been heavy on my heart lately is retiring my dog (many years from now), when you talked about that end of life process.. oh goodness. I have also thought about the whole Will thing because my father passed away 9 months ago. “This Little Light of Mine” is such a cute song. Anyway thanks for answering the questions, I enjoyed reading them. 🙂

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