Pupdate – puppy #8

Last Saturday, August 10th we turned in our paper work for our next puppy. I listed these preferences:

  1. ‘E’ puppy in November
  2. ‘E’ puppy anytime
  3. any letter puppy but A, B, C, D, W, Y, or Z in November
  4. any letter puppy but A, B, C, D, W, Y or Z anytime.

Imagine my surprise when on Tuesday I get the call from our puppy club leader that they have an ‘E’ puppy ready to come on the September truck, do you want it? Oh my! I called Bill and then we both pondered the question. We decided yes! So a little ‘E’ puppy is coming on the next puppy truck. I think September 6th is the current date. Through the GDB grapevine I’ve learned there was a litter of puppies assigned the letter ‘E’ born on June 28th. The parents are Maeve and McKinley. It is unlikely that there is another ‘E’ litter so that means our little pup will be 10 weeks old when we get him or her. 10 weeks is a perfect age.

When I’m not feeling overwhelmed about all I have on my plate for the next few months I’m very excited to be getting my ‘E’ puppy. ‘E’ litters don’t happen as often as most of the other letters except other vowels and letters like ‘Q’ and ‘X’ ‘Y’ and ‘Z’. We have ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ and they did their first ‘X’ litter last summer. So I’m glad to be getting my ‘E’ pup so quickly. I’ll update here when we learn more about pup ‘E’.


4 thoughts on “Pupdate – puppy #8

  1. most of us have to wait 9+ months for a new baby – lucky you !! Congratulations on “Little E” and we look forward to pictures soon.

    • That is one of the advantages of raising puppies. Another is only a week or two of not sleeping through they night. They also grow up and leave home in just one year. Just 18 days until Pup “E” comes.

    • Aren’t they cute. I wish I could tell which one was which but usually I can’t tell. I got lucky with some of Zodiac’s litter pictures. There are only three of them. Zulu is yellow and Zenith has a white patch on his chest. So if I could see Zenith’s chest I could tell which one was Zodiac.

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