Planning an Oral History Project

I’m finally admitting to myself that my allergies have spawned a cold, but I don’t want to miss another post of doing story projects. So here is a link to some detailed information on doing an oral history project on the Library of Congress’s American Folklife Center.

Here is a brief outline of the planning part:

  1. Determine the goals of the project.
  2. Learn about the work that is required for a typical oral history project.
  3. Determine the scope of the project.
  4. Conduct preliminary research.
  5. Determine who will work on the project.
  6. Determine what will happen to the recordings and other documentary materials after the project comes to an end.
  7. Create a release form.
  8. Determine what equipment, supplies and other resources are needed.
  9. Develop a timetable for the project.
  10. Develop a budget.
  11. Identify sources of funds.
  12. Publicity.

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