Some More Hints for “My Grandma Mary” Hidden pictures

Hints in Finding the Hidden Pictures:

A Goose: hint – fireplace

A Wooden Box: hint – resting place

A Coin: hint – river crossing

Scales: hint – Brigham

False Teeth: hint – ocean

An Apple: hint – elms

A Teacup: hint – sewing

Salt Shaker: hint – train

A Bar of Soap: hint – baptism

Buffalo Chips: hint – Indians

A Musical Note: hint – clouds

An Onion: hint – carriage

A Pair of Shoes: hint – fun

Can you find the hidden picture that isn’t listed in the back of My Grandma Mary?


A Wolf: hint – sleeping

After the snows came, the ground was frozen so hard that graves could not be dug, so they covered the bodies of the dead with brush and snow. This only provided a temporary barrier from the hungry wolves who were waiting nearby. In Martin’s Cove the burying-ground was up over a little rise which sheltered the main camp from the howling and snarling of the wolves over the bodies of their loved ones.

Still need help?

Hidden pictures key



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