10 Tips for Organizing Family Photos and Memories

I found today’s organizing ideas on babble with lots of good ideas by Ashley Hackshaw of Lil Blue Boo. Here are her tips and links to tutorials:

  1. Artwork and More: Make an easy portfolio to hold precious artwork. It can be stored behind a chest of drawers or under bed. Click here for the tutorial.
  2. Printing Digital Photos: Do you have anxiety about printing all those digital photos? I have a process I use to catch up. Read more here on printing YEARS worth of photos.
  3. Organizing Photos: Not sure what to do about stacks and stacks of photos? Try organizing them with an easy checklist method so you never get lost or disorganized. Click here for the free download.
  4. Photo Books: In addition to photo albums, I also make a yearly digital book with photos, artwork, quotes etc for my daughter. I’ve compiled all my page ideas into one master post. Click here to see all the samples!
  5. Yearly Albums: I love making yearly photos albums with everything but the kitchen sink. I love making them timeless and easy. Click here for my tips, process and supply list.
  6. Memory Notes: An easy way to keep track of events and milestones for your child (or you!) is to keep a notebook in your car. Read more about the “school gossip” book here.
  7. Home Movies: Do you have a bunch of VHS and old movie reels? I’ve recently converted mine to DVD. Click here for my top tips!
  8. DVD Cover Templates: How to make easy DVD covers and labels to organize your home movies. Click here for the full tutorial and template download.
  9. File Back Up: Make sure to back up all your digital files and photos into several places. I have a very easy method for backing up my files and it’s all about using “screenshot!” Visit the entire tutorial here.
  10. The Lil Journal Project: I started the Lil Journal Project last year to help people start recording their memories and legacy in a fun way. Here’s a sample day: Paste a class photo into a page and write everything you can remember about your classmates and events. Click here to view the entire project or click here to just view Day 9. DOABLE Sidebar O

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