A Few Things

I hope everyone is getting ready to enjoy the 4th of July. I’ve just decided to take the next few days off from posting on my blog, but I’ll update a few things first.

We are puppy sitting again. This time it is a 12 week old yellow lab named Redding. He is very light colored with a dark nose and cute as can be. He is doing well. We have him until the 14th when his family gets back from vacation. Dune is enjoying having a play mate.

I finally got Zodiac’s official portrait picked up. I’ll have to take a new photo of our wall and post it here.

I just ordered a proof copy of “My Grandma Mary” from Lightening Source. It should come pretty quick if I created the pdf files properly. It has been a steep learning curve switching from Blurb to LSI. Learning new stuff is good for me but not always comfortable. But to make “My Grandma Mary” available for more than my immediate family we needed to make this move.

Have a good holiday weekend and I’ll be back on track on Monday.


2 thoughts on “A Few Things

    • Sounds like a fun day, especially lounging in the pool. We took a short walk by the river and then went to our town’s chuck wagon breakfast and watch part of the ATV rodeo. It was a nice 4th of July.

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