Pupdate – Dune


I haven’t posted about Dune in a long time. She is doing great and started to look like a grown-up. She is entering those teen years and developing a few little rebellious behaviors but nothing too bad. I finally found out all the names of her littermates yesterday when the GDB littermate book came out. Here is what I now have on the Bosworth/Cava litter born 11/11/2012:

  • Deanli – male
  • Disco – female
  • Dixie – female
  • Drexel – male
  • Dune – female
  • Durham – male
  • PADS Penny II – female

They are all yellow. You probably notice that one names stands out. Penny was donated to Pacific Assistance Dogs Society in British Columbia, so they named her. A number of young puppies were donated to PADS at the same time as Dune’s sister Penny. I found this cute video and there is a good chance one of these yellow labs in Dune’s sister Penny.

It is a regular practice of many of the service dog schools around the world to exchange puppies or breeders to help everyone have better genetic diversity. You may not remember but Yakira’s dad (Pike) on loan to GDB for six months from Austrailia and her mother was the result of a female donated to a school in Holland and then one of her offspring was sent back to GDB. Casey’s (Dune’s aunt) dad (Jay) was donated to GDB by an organization in Korea. I find the pups pedigrees very interesting.

I’ve neglected getting photos taken of Dune. I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t taken any pictures since Zodiac left more than a month ago. Time to make it a priority and stop putting it off.


2 thoughts on “Pupdate – Dune

  1. That’s really fascinating about all the exchanges of different dogs from all over the world. I also always love reading all the different names that they come up with for the litters.

    • It is fascinating to me too. They come up with some very interesting names. Some I like more than others, but I’ve always grown to love the names because the dog they go with are such wonderful creatures.

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