Pupdate – Zodiac

Zodiac is very zealous about life and sometimes it comes across as stubbornness. I’ll never forget our first day together. He was exploring his new house and decided he wanted to go into the spare bedroom. This is our cat’s territory and off-limits to the dogs, so I picked up his puppy leash and stopped him. He didn’t like that and pulled harder to go into the room. I think we spent 10 minutes with Zodiac trying to go forward into the room and me preventing him. To his credit he learned his lesson and we never had that battle again.

Zodiac is finally in phase one! It seems like it has taken him forever to get there. He has been gone a month now so it has been awhile. But he is finally moving. If you want to know more about what he is learning go to this post on phase one. I finally got around to ordering Zodiac’s official portrait for our wall today. I’m excited to add his happy face to the other five pups that are already up there.


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